Safe Building Demolition
Demolish buildings on your property with safety, precision and professionalism. Elite Demolition Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, provides building demolition for clients in Chicago and the surrounding counties.
Clean and Level
Start new construction on a clean, level lot. After a building is down we use an excavator to fill in basements and level the ground, so you’ll have a perfect lot for redevelopment.
Any Size
Building demolition is one of our core markets. Rely on our skilled team to demolish any Single family homes, multi-family homes, commercial structures, retail structures, industrial plans, garages, parking garages...
Gas Stations
We deal with phase-1 and phase-2 reports for the city, and check for leaks, then completely remove the gas station and prepare the lot for building a new one. We also do underground tank removal.

Siding and Facades Get rid of ugly siding or facades. We tear off stucco, siding, and brick so you can remodel. We also remove concrete blocks from commercial buildings.
Interior and Exterior Modernize your single family home, multi-family building, healthcare, retail, office, gas station. We can gut a whole building and leave the shell, or remove specific unwanted elements.
Concrete Removal Concrete removal can be a stressful job if not using the right company. At Elite Demolition Inc, you would be hiring a company with the experience and the proper equipment and skills to break up and safely transport the concrete away without damaging anything on your property.

Who we are

Make way for new developments with services from Elite Demolition Inc., a demolition company in Chicago, Illinois. With more than 45 years of experience in the demolition industry, we have the knowledge and experience to perform safe, professional demolitions. Our skilled team demolishes small interior renovations to large multi-story structures and removes unwanted elements for renovations.

We flourish on repeat customers by doing a great job the first time. Elite strives to be a great company.

Clients Testimonials

"Great job done. Everything was done the way I wanted. Fast respond, affordable and experienced. Thank you so much. Looking forward to do business again."

Aska G.
Lake Zurich, United States

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